Thursday, April 16, 2015

Greek Myths and The Thief

So far we have discussed how the world of the Thief connects to Ancient Greece in its setting and stories, and we have also made connections between Gen's story and the hero's journey. For our next blog post, everyone will choose a Greek myth that they like and connect the myth to Gen's journey by using the Hero's Journey. You can use the same part of the Hero's Journey that you explored before, or you can choose a new part.

Here is an example of the kind of blog posts we will be writing:
The myth of Hermes and Argus to connect to the Thief because in both stories, the hero uses cunning instead of strength to achieve his goals. In this myth, Argus is chosen by Hera, queen of the gods, to guard Io, a woman who was turned into a cow. Hera wants Argus to prevent Io from escaping because she is jealous that Zeus preferred Io over her. Zeus wants to free Io, so he sends Hermes to help her escape. Hermes cleverly bores Argus to sleep by telling him a long story, allowing Io to flee.

This story connects to the Thief because both Hermes and Gen use unusual methods to achieve their goals. In The Thief, Gen's special weapon is thievery, which he uses to steal the Gift and to keep it hidden from the magus until the group reaches Eddis. In the story of Hermes and Argus, Hermes does not fight Argus, but instead uses his wits and bores him to sleep. Neither Gen nor Hermes act like traditional heroes, since they use trickery instead of fighting, but they both manage to achieve their goals. 

In this post, I made sure to include several important elements:
  1. I started by stating the connection between the two stories.
  2. I summarized the myth in a few sentences.
  3. I connected both stories to a part the hero's journey (in my post, I used the Special Weapon, but you can use whichever part you want).
Your challenge is to make a post that incorporates all three of these elements. In your post, please write at least 1 paragraph. I will help you find connections with whatever story you choose. 

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