Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Welcome to the Thief Response Project!

We will be writing a series of blog posts, starting this week, in response to Megan Whalen Turner's novel The Thief.

Last week, the group shared their thoughts about the book. Generally, people felt that the beginning moved a little too slowly, but by the end it was very exciting. Ms. Turner used a storytelling strategy where she only revealed a little bit to the reader at a time, which some people found frustrating.

Some people also found the names in the story difficult to pronounce. Since the world of The Thief is based on Ancient Greece, some of the names sounded a little bit foreign. I created a pronunciation guide for us to use so that we don't stumble over the names in the future.
Eugenides – you-GEN-i-dees
Ambiades – am-bi-AH-dees
Sophos – SO-fos
Hephestia – he-FES-ti-a
Hamiathes – ha-mi-AH-thees
If we come across more difficult Greek words, we can add them to the list.

Have fun blogging!

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